IntOat project studies the role of oat starch, protein and beta-glucan in the formation of food structures

Oats have potential for several kinds of food structures, but so far, there is only limited information about the factors affecting the technological functionality of oats.

The aim in this project is to study the factors affecting the structure formation capacity of oat protein, starch and beta-glucan, and to optimise the ingredients and processes in model products, oat bread and oat-based extruded meat analogues. Additionally, the project studies how the structure of the matrix influences the potential health functionality of the oat products and especially the bioaccessibility of proteins and functionality of beta-glucan. Thus, the overall aim is to achieve optimal oat product structures without compromising the nutritional quality.

This 3-year project (5/2022 – 4/2025) is funded by Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.

The research group includes Noora Mäkelä-Salmi (PI), Kirsi Jouppila, Riitta Freese, Ndegwa Maina, Xin Huang, Jose Martin Ramos-Diaz and Miikka Laitinen.