Our team consists of Principal Investigator Jan von Plato, post-doc researcher Annika Kanckos, doctoral researcher Maria Hämeen-Anttila and specialist Tim Lethen.
Jan von Plato

Jan has worked both in logic and its development, with three systematic books on proof theory. His recent work of a historical-foundational character includes two books, The Great Formal Machinery Works, and Saved from the Cellar. The latter is a collection of the shorthand writings on logic and foundations by Gödel's contemporary Gerhard Gentzen.

Annika Kanckos

Annika is a post-doc researcher in the project. With a background in formal proof theory and Gentzen research her main focus is on aspects of normalisation but also on Gödel’s ontological proof. Her motivation for researching Gödel’s Nachlass is not only for the historical aspects but also to find hidden gems that can inspire the current scientific community of logicians.

Maria Hämeen-Anttila

Maria is a doctoral researcher, whose research interests include history of logic and mathematics, with a focus on constructive views on mathematics. In her dissertation,  to be completed in Spring 2019, she studies Kurt Gödel’s earlier works on intuitionism. Maria also has a basic knowledge of Gabelsberger stenography, and her work leans heavily on Gödel’s unpublished works and notebooks.

Tim Lethen

Tim has studied the Gabelsberger shorthand system which was used by Kurt Gödel to write down his private and scientific notes. He is therefore responsible for the 'archaeologic' part of the project, i.e. the transcription of material found in Gödel's Nachlass. Personally, Tim is mainly interested in Gödel's theological work, most of which is completely unknown and has hardly ever been studied before.