The Gödel Enigma is a research project led by Jan von Plato, funded by the European Research Council from September 2018 until September 2023 and hosted by the University of Helsinki.

The project currently employs three full-time researchers as well as a specialist focused on transcription of the source materials. Kurt Gödel's unpublished works have been so far largely left untouched not only because of the vast amount of material and its logically complex character, but also because most of Gödel's notes were written down in a long forgotten stenographic script.

Our project aims to help change the situation by studying these works and making them available to the wider community of logicians and philosophers. The research team combines formal expertise with solid historical research and good understanding of the intricate nature of the task of working with the source materials, putting us in a good position to decipher the shorthand materials and interpret their logical content: What they mean in a historical-foundational context, what their significance is to today's research problems in logic, and how they change the view of Gödel as one of the most original thinkers of a century.