At the moment, the group led by Taina Lundell consists of one PhD student and one post-doctoral researcher.

In addition, we have master´s thesis students and research trainees working in our group.

Taina Lundell


University lecturer in Microbiology at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Docent, group leader, principal investigator in the Viikki Research Groups Organisation in Biosciences. Research activities include wood-decaying fungi, their enzymology, eco-physiology, genomics and transcriptomics.

Janina Österman-Udd


Doctor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) in biotechnology. Research interests and expertise include molecular biology and bioinformatics related to genomics and transcriptomics in fungi, bacteria and plants. 

Eero Kiviniemi


Master of Science, doctoral student of MBDP (Doctoral programme in microbiology and biotechnology). Studying fungal production and utilization of bioactive natural compounds during wood decomposition and coping with environmental stress factors.

Master´s thesis students and research trainees

Master's thesis students Arttu Mikkola and Melina Erjama

Research trainees Austeja Kazanaviciute and Nietos Hietanen

Former members of the group

Hans Mattila, Doctor of Philosophy in biotechnology, defended his PhD thesis in 2020. Research interests include fungal biology and biotechnology, metabolic pathways during fungal bioconversion and bioethanol production. Special expertise on analyzing organic acids and metabolites produced by fungi.

Tuulia Mali defended her PhD in 2021. Special expertise and research interests include fungal interactions, enzyme activity assays, metabolites and volatile organic compounds.