Model is available at GitHub

PREBAS (Valentine and Mäkelä 2005, Peltoniemi et al. 2015, Minunno et al. 2019) combines PRELES for calculating carbon acquisition through photosynthesis (GPP) and CROBAS for allocating GPP to respiration and component growth. Photosynthesis (GPP) and evapotranspiration are calculated using a light-use-efficiency (LUE) approach linked to soil moisture and driven by daily environmental inputs of radiation, temperature, vapour pressure deficit, precipitation and ambient CO2 concentration (Peltoniemi et al. 2015, Minunno et al. 2016, Kalliokoski et al. 2018). GPP is allocated to mean-tree growth and respiration at an annual time step, and allocation of growth to different tree organs is based on conservation of structural ratios, e.g., the pipe model (Valentine and Mäkelä 2005).

Tree mortality due to crowding is included in the model. The growth module updates canopy leaf area index (LAI) which is used as input to the gas excange module in the following year. To calculate NEE, PREBAS has been linked with the soil carbon model YASSO07 through annual litter inputs (Liski et al. 1995, Tuomi et al. 2009). In addition to weather data, PREBAS requires information about the initial state of the simulated forest, defined as soil fertility class, stand basal area, mean height and mean diameter, at an appropriate spatial resolution. Forest management actions are described in PREBAS and have been parameterised on the basis of forest management recommendations in Finland (Rantala 2011, Minunno et al. 2019).


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