MSc student views on key business segments within a bioeconomy

Course: Responsible business management

A summary presentation of MSc student views on the development of key business segments within a bioeconomy. Students applied the technology-based and socio-ecological bioeconomy pathways, presented by Priefer et al. (2017), to elaborate their views on the selected emerging business segments key to forest-based bioeconomy in Finland and globally.  
The group work partially fulfilled the requirements of the responsible business management course (Fall 2017), at the University of Helsinki, Finland. The course was lead by professor Anne Toppinen. Combining of the presentations has been conducted by groupwork teachers Jaana Korhonen and Noora Miilumäki.

Priefer, C., Jörissen, J., & Frör, O. (2017). Pathways to Shape the Bioeconomy. Resources, 6(1).