Intensive course Green, circular, bioeconomy, November at Helsinki University

Intensive course Green, circular, bioeconomy: limits and synergies of three sustainability avenues (AGFO601)

Time: 27-30 November 2017, 09.15 – 15.45 am.

Place: Latokartanonkaari 7, Viikki campus, University of Helsinki.

Registration in weboodi: 29.09.17 - 27.11.17 or email to

Credits: 4 ECTS


Target students: Master’s and PhD students.

Evaluation: Participation and critical discussion, reading material and final essay.

Responsible person: Dalia D’Amato (PhD),

Teaching in English.


Course overview

Circular Economy, Green Economy and Bioeconomy are currently mainstreamed in academia and policy making as key sustainability concepts. These have different standpoints and possibly imply different sustainability visions. Furthermore, the three concepts are understood and applied in research and policy making in different ways, signaling a certain internal diversity. The concepts are however rarely discussed together in a comparative manner. The course aims at giving an overview of the realm of action, limits and synergies of Green, Circular and Bio economy. 


The course will consist of four days of intensive lectures, each led by different expert researchers. Invited speakers, among others, include Prof. Anne Toppinen and posdoc Jaana Korhonen (University of Helsinki), postdoc Elias Hurmekoski (European Forest Institute), Senior researcher Riina Antikainen (Finnish Environment Institute), Senior Policy analyst Marianne Kettunen (Institute for European Environmental Policy).  The course participants will be required to familiarize themselves with some literature before and after the course, participate actively with critical contributions to the lectures and seminar, and write an essay at the end of the course.

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