Funding granted for a European-wide research network on Bioeconomy "PerForm"

A consortium of eight research institutes has received funding for networking activities "Perceiving the Forest-based Sector in the Bioeconomy" (PerForm)

The research network "Perceiving the Forest-based Sector in the Bioeconomy" (PerForm) aims to better understand regional disparities of national bioeconomy policies and the perceptions of a forest-based bioeconomy. The network will provide the opportunity to coordinate research endeavours, produce replicable studies and comparative results (e.g. similar research design) in order to compare the level of acceptance and integration of the forest-based sector into national bioeconomy policies and the perception and acceptance of forest stakeholders and urban consumers of a forest-based bioeconomy. Ca. 100,000 euros were granted for this network by the European Forest Institute Network Fund. Network partners include:

Finland - University of Helsinki (Prof. Lauri Valsta, Prof. Anne Toppinen, postdocs Jaana Korhonen and Dalia D'Amato, PhD student Arttu Malkamäki).

Germany - Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg (Prof. Daniela Kleinschmit, PhD candidate Alex Giurca, postdoc Ida Wallin) 

Austria - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (senior scientist Helga Pülzl, PhD candidate Marcel Mallow, postdoc Lea Ranache)

France - National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture (researchers Arnaud Sergent and Vincent Banos)

Sweden - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (researchers Sara Holmgren and Klara Fischer and Associate Professor Vilis Brukas).

Russia - Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University (Heads of the Department Alexander Dobrovolsky and Alexander Alekseev)

Italy - University of Padova (Associate Professor Laura Secco, Prof. Davide Pettenella, researcher Mauro Masiero).

Slovakia - Technical University in Zvolen, Forestry Faculty, Chair of Forest Economics and Management (Associate professor Jaroslav Šálka, researcher Zuzana Dobšinská, postdoc Martina Štěrbová).