Powerful bioeconomically compatible emulsifiers

EMPOWER - POWERful bioeconomically compatible EMulsifiers

The EMPOWER project takes the next steps after basic research, necessary towards the commercialization of spruce galactoglucomannans as emulsion stabilizers.

University of Helsinki EMPOWER team: Fabio Valoppi, Leena Pitkänen, Satu Kirjoranta, Roberta Miglioli, Marja Allen, Kirsi S. Mikkonen (PI)

Academic advisors: Marina Heinonen (University of Helsinki), Stefan Willför (Åbo Akademi)

Industrial advisors from: Fazer, Montisera, Stora Enso, Teampac, Valio

Funder: Academy of Finland (Key Project)

Project duration: 01/10/2016 → 30/09/2018

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