Tuuli and Inari visit Memorial University (St John's, Newfoundland)

PhD researcher Tuuli Parviainen and post-doc Inari Helle attended CEPOLAR project meeting and visited the Memorial University Department of Geography

Tuuli Parviainen (PhD student, Marine Risk Governance / FEM groups) and Inari Helle (FEM group collaborator) visited the Memorial University of Newfoundland 18-24 July.

Inari and Tuuli attended a two-day CEPOLAR (https://www.aalto.fi/en/department-of-mechanical-engineering/centre-of-…) project meeting. Inari gave a talk on modelling the ecological impacts of oil spills in the Kara Sea and Tuuli presented her research on oil spill risk governance.  The meeting provided a good opportunity for the project researchers from different fields of study to work towards a common understanding of the research work and to plan for future research.

The second day of the meeting was attended by key stakeholders who contributed to the discussion on the project aims and the planned approches for future work.

During the visit, Tuuli also presented her research on risk governance in the Norwegian Barents Sea at the Memorial University Department of Geography