Professsor in Fisheries biology, group leader

  • Bayesian risk and decision analysis
  • Interdisciplinary probabilistic modeling
  • Fish stock assessment and fisheries management
  • Fisheries and environmental management problems
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Participatory modelling

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Tel: +358 50 330 9233

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Postdoctoral researcher, PhD in Environmental sciences

  • Baltic Sea ecosystem
  • Ecological indicators
  • Environmental systems analysis
  • Integrated modeling
  • Bayesian networks
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning

Annukka works as a researcher in 30MILES and BONUS GOHERR projects

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Postdoctoral researcher, PhD in Aquatic sciences, MSc (Tech) in Environmental engineering

  • Environmental/ecological risk analysis
  • Decision analysis in environmental and natural resources management 
  • Interdisciplinary analysis of environmental problems  
  • Bayesian modeling, especially Bayesian networks

Inari works as a researcher on CEARCTIC project

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Doctoral student

  • Risk governance
  • Shipping and corporate social responsibility
  • Bayesian analysis

Tuuli is working as a researcher in CEARCTIC project

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Doctoral student, MSSc in Sociology

  • Ecosystem approach to fisheries
  • Environmental governance
  • Science, technology, and society studies

Suvi works as a researcher in BONUS GOHERR project

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Doctoral student

  • Marine resource exploitation
  • Spatial ecology and conservation
  • Community interactions
  • Marine minerals

My PhD research focuses on the environmental impacts of seabed mineral extraction and understanding how seafloor exploitation affects marine ecosystems. I am interested in how adverse effects of human activities may be estimated prior to disturbance and how impact assessments may be improved. I examine methods of using biological and geological data to support marine spatial planning and to explore new ways to estimate the environmental impacts of seabed resource exploitation.

I am particularly interested in the ecological role of marine mineral deposits and their importance for habitat formation. In my work I am focusing on studying the ferromanganese concretions in the Baltic Sea.

Laura works as a researcher in Smartsea project

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Doctoral student

·         Aquatic ecosystems

·         Bayesian analysis

·         Ecosystem-based management

·         Environmental valuation

·         Fish stock assessment

My PhD research is taking a probabilistic view on decision making criteria and the role of valuation in the various environmental management problems.  In general, I am evaluating the currently used assessment and management of marine ecosystems. The main focus of my research is to assess the current decision criteria and methodology used for assessing the environmental status of marine ecosystem and analyze what they actually tell us about the true state of the ecosystem. In my research, I also consider the role of valuation to provide improved and informed management decisions.

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Doctoral student, MSc, MA

Researcher at Marine Research Centre, Finnish Environment Institute

Eeva studies underwater sounds. Her goal is to improve our understanding about the causes and effects of underwater noise, and how acoustical conditions of the environment can impact the lives of aquatic species. The focus is on environmental change, and the sensitivity of populations and species to man-made changes in their acoustical environment.

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Master's student

  • Marine resource management
  • Fisheries, Marine Spatial Planning
  • MPAs
  • Baltic Sea & Arctic

Magnus is working on his Master's thesis titled Fisheries management, social dimensions of the Individual Transferable Quota system.

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