Title of docent granted for Mika Rahikainen

The title of docent in the field of fisheries science was granted by the chancellor in June.

The title of docent is an academic title conferred in recognition of achievements in scientific research and teaching and it was granted to Mika Rahikainen in June. Mika's field of expertise is fisheries science. At the University of Helsinki, the title of docent is granted by the chancellor on the proposal of the faculty.

Currently, Mika is developing a Decision Support Framework (DSF) and a Toolbox (DST) aiming to promote the use of the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management. These tools are tested by applying and adapting them to several case studies in the European regional seas.

For more information, please contact Mika Rahikainen, mika.rahikainen@helsinki.fi or +358 2941 40804. You can also read about Mika's research interests from here.