New MSc project on fisheries management

Magnus Hanstén is working on the social dimensions of individual transferable quotas for fisheries management


My name is Magnus Hanstén, MSc student at the Environmental Change and Global Sustainability ECGS-programme at the University of Helsinki. I’m currently working on an article (and my master’s thesis) regarding the social dimensions of a fisheries management system called individual transferable quotas or ITQ. In my study I will do a comparison between Finland, Sweden and Denmark, which all are using ITQs for managing their fisheries. Fisheries management is to a large extent about managing human behaviour, thus I find it important to understand the social impacts of a management system. Social sciences has in the last decade become an important part of fisheries management, which today balances economic, social and environmental values in the pursuit of sustainable fishery practices. My data will be collected through stakeholder interviews, e.g. managers, fishers and researchers, which implies some traveling later this summer. I’m really looking forward to these interviews and to get an inside view of the system!

Finally some words about my background. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and in Natural Resources, and I’m now focusing my master’s degree studies on aquatic sciences and the management of marine areas, as well as some social studies. I’m highly interested in the interactions between humans and marine environments, and how management systems can contribute to a more sustainable way of utilizing marine resources.

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