Msc project on MSC fishery certificate

Niklas Mattila is working on his master's thesis on sustainable seafood indicators


My name is Bernd-Niklas Mattila, a MSc student in the Environmental Change and Global Sustainability (ECGS) programme. Aside from my other courses and activities I’ve been working on my Master’s thesis, where I aim to model a MSC fishery certificate (Marine Stewardship Council) using the Bayesian software Hugin. The MSC standard is build on 28 performance indicators that will instead of single values be described with a  probability distribution. My data will be collected by interviewing the authors of the certificate. Uncertainty is a major aspect in various predictions and assessments including eco-labels. Therefore, it is important to approach topics and uncertainties in various ways. The model could also be further developed by including e.g. population dynamic models that could link together the management and stock status criteria.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Aquatic Sciences, in which I focused on fisheries and fish biology. I have continued on the same path but expanded my knowledge and expertise in new fields such as social sciences, economics, arctic and aquatic environmental change and management.  I’m very interested in the basic biology and ecology of fish, but also in the social aspects of fisheries and how to make them more sustainable.