APP4SEA Twitter conference Thursday 16th April at 12-16.30

#APP4SEA2020 takes their conference to Twitter

Although conferences are beiong cancelled all over the world due to the covid19-situtation, the Arctic Preparedness Platform for Oil Spill and other Environmental Accidents (APP4SEA) is hosting their final conference on 16th of April as planned - in Twitter!

SIMREC-project, including FEM-group researchers, takes part in the conference by presenting their results on using simulations to improve cooperation in oil-spill response operations.

The Twitter conference will be held on Thusrday 16th of April at 12-16.30 UTC+3, and the full programme can be found here.

So if you are interested in the latest research on Arctic oil spills, or Arctic issues in general, tune in on Thursday the 16th of April by following moderator account of the conference @APP4SEA_NPA, or #APP4SEA2020 in Twitter.