Welcome new ESB members to Helsinki!

New members have arrived in ESB research groups

We would like to welcome new members from; 

The SpecIAnt group

  • Patrick Krapf as a postdoctoral researcher. Patrick will bring his extensive experience to combine large-scale sampling with multidisciplinary experimental datasets including environmental, genomic, and life history approaches to address the question if hybridisation in wood ants can mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Animal emotions and human-animal interactions

  • Taru Niittynen PhD student, who will work on whether oxytocin enhances learning and how training with different methods affects oxytocin levels. And additionally at how ownership length affects learning and oxytocin levels in horses. 

The Informed Birds group

  • Zalihe Kourtoural, MSc Student, studying territorial response of reed warblers. She is interested in how different personality traits affect territorial behaviour against both conspecifics and other Acrocephalus warblers 

  • Will Smith as a postdoctoral researcher, studying the genomic impact of brood parasitism on European Reed Warblers. 

  • Sil Bruin is a Master student from the University of Amsterdam studying whether cuckoo hosts lose their defence mechanisms when isolated from this brood parasite.

The Ecology and Evolution of interactions group 

  • Theo Brown PhD Student, who will study the different ways moths might deter predators using visual signals at Lammi Biological Station.  

  • Andrea Pomares Palomares MSc Student, who has been working on how social information can affect the decision making in the wood tiger moth, specifically in the mate-choice.  

  • Guido Piraino MSc Student, who has been working on image analysis of wing coloration and association to different concentration of alkaloids in diet.   

  • Emilie Favaro MSc Student, who will be focusing on Blue Tits behaviour, as avian predators, face to visual models to simulate species-specific visual perception, Lammi Biological Station. 

  • Cristina Jusdado BSc Intern, who will study the flush coloration used by moth might have on the predator success rate of blue tits. 

  • Fio Muster BSc Intern, who will study the predator-prey relationship between blue tits and moths, using flash colouration and flight patterns.