Animal emotions and human-animal interactions

Our research broadly concerns human-animal relationships, emotions and cognition in interaction

In the horse interaction research line we study horses' social personality characteristics, emotions and cognitive processes in human interaction. Simultaneously we study people's experiences in the equestrian context. The project is seated in a broader framework of anthrozoology with behavioural biology, physiology, emotion science, and social science approaches. The project contributes to fundamental equestarian science and to welfare applications.

Our second research line focuses on visualising animal emotions in the methodological and representational sense. We study e.g. comprehension of animal emotions, zoo animal welfare and representations thereof, and how to improve the technology of animal emotion science.

People involved

Sonja Koski

Jenni Spännäri

Emma Vitikainen

Taru Niittynen

Veera Riihonen

Laura Hiisivuori

Marjo Priha


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