Education & Publications

Our group produces a wide range of publications and dissertations, while most of our teaching falls under the Master's Programme in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

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We contribute to the following Masters and PhD level courses:

YEB-115: Introduction to R. The goal of this course is to learn some very basic skills in R and is intended for those who would like to start using R.

EEB-002: Evolutionary Biology. This course concentrates on how genes and genomes change during the course of evolution, how we can study them and what can we learn from these studies.

EEB-107: Sensory Ecology. Non-human animals do not necessarily sense the world in the same way as we do. This course introduces concepts of information and sensory ecology and encourages students to consider how sensory ecology applies across diverse contexts.

EEB-201: Molecular Ecology Lab course. Get familiar in practice with the most commonly used methods in molecular systematics and molecular ecology.

EEB-207: Conservation Genetics. The aim of the course is to understand how genetic methods can be used to help conserve endangered species and populations.

Most of our members are also very happy to meet with interested Masters students to discuss potential thesis projects and research training in either Viikki or the beautiful Tvärminne Zoological Station.  Get in touch!

Recent theses and dissertations

MSc theses

Satu Paavonsalo (2017): The opsonizing and antibacterial properties of honey bee vitellogenin in hemocytes.

Anna Hietala (2017): Caste-specific expression of vitellogenin and vitellogenin-like genes in the ant Formica fusca.

PhD theses

Sanja Hakala (2020): Social polymorphism and dispersal in Formica ants

Franziska Dickel (2018): Medicative diet - the importance of diet and prophylactic treatment on survival and immunity of polyphagous Arctia plantaginis (Arctiidae) larvae.

Dimitri Stucki (2017): Individual stress-resistance in the ant Formica exsecta.

Jana Wolf (2016): Genetic and behavioural divergence of queen size morphs in the red ant Myrmica ruginodis.

Martina Ozan (2016): Reproductive partitioning in the polygynous black ant Formica fusca.