The Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism, CEREN, is a lively research environment with cutting-edge research projects, active national and international networks, and intensive cooperation with authorities and civil society.

CEREN carries out research on

  • politics of migration, belonging and citizenship
  • policies and practices of integration
  • diaspora, transnationalism and minorities
  • racism and antiracism
  • postcolonialism, decoloniality and indigeneity

CEREN maintains the thematic network Ethnic Relations, Migration and Belonging at the Swedish School of Social Science.

Several international Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers are connected to CEREN, participating in teaching and research collaboration.

We organise regularly seminars and events on current topics in the field of ethnic relations, migration and racism. The CEREN Colloquium provides a space to present high-class research and engage in conversation with academic and non-academic audiences. The researchers at CEREN contribute actively to the public debate and cooperate with authorities, media and civil society to enhance societal interaction.

CEREN organises the English language teaching module in Ethnic Relations (15–30 ECTS), which is part of the Swedish Master’s Programme in Social Sciences at the Swedish School of Social Sciences.

CEREN was established in 1998 at the Swedish School of Social Science at the University of Helsinki.