Endure Project Webinar

Join us tomorrow on Thursday (30.11) at 13:00 for an ENDURE Webinar about the challenges of gathering, analyzing, and comparing social media data from the COVID-19 pandemic period.


Next Thursday (30th November) at 13:00 (Helsinki Time), the Endure Project (Cluster 4) will organise a webinar about the challenges of gathering, analysing, and comparing social media data.

At this moment, we will present and discuss initial findings about specific themes, like masks, lockdown, health authorities and political leadership in data from Germany, Poland, Finland and Brazil, during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

The Endure Project is a TransAtlantic Platform initiative that aims to study the duality evident during the pandemic and provide a novel understanding of new forms of inequalities and community responses. In Cluster 4, we are currently working on social media data to understand how society and political actors used these communication channels to spread dis/misinformation but also to show resilience and defend scientific discourse.

The discussions will be continued in our panel at the 4th HEPP Conference (https://www.helsinki.fi/en/conferences/emotions-populism-and-polarised-politics-media-and-culture) on 11th December.


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