The Emerging Infections Research group values collaboration and has a number of important research partners.
Olli Vap­a­lahti

MD, PhD, Professor of zoonotic virology (since 2003)

I work both at medical and veterinary faculties of University of Helsinki, Finland. I have supervised 12 finalized PhD projects and have 277 PubMed publications (July 2018) mainly on arboviruses and zoonoses. I am also a specialist in clinical microbiology with clincial diagnostic responsibilites at Helsinki University Hospital laboratories with a unit for viral zoonoses. I am member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and member of EVD-LabNet (Emerging Viral diseases Laboratory Network).

Viral Zoonosis research unit

Kristian Forbes

PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

I’m an infectious disease ecologist, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Arkansas. I combine field, laboratory and statistical methods to address fundamental questions in pathogen susceptibility and transmission within and among wildlife populations. I’m especially interested in zoonotic viruses, and the effects of anthropogenic environmental modifications, such as food provisioning and land-use changes, on wildlife disease processes. I primarily work with rodents and bats, and have projects based in Finland, Kenya and the United States.

Kristian Forbes homepage

Otso Huitu

PhD, Adjunct Professor, LUKE