ECCE and celebrated their joint issue on cultural evolution

Instead of publishing a traditional academic Festschrift, the ECCE project members celebrated Professor Petri Luomanen’s 60th birthday by dedicating a thematic issue of the Finnish online theology publication on cultural evolution. is an open access web publication that aims at popularizing theological research. The latest issue was produced in cooperation with ECCE. A release party was held on the 28th of September 2021 in the faculty of theology with speeches and sparkling wine. ECCE’s international partners, Prof. Armin W. Geertz, Prof. Ronit Nikolsky and Prof. István Czachesz, joined the celebration via Zoom.

Nina Nikki, who together with Prof. Jutta Jokiranta edited the theme issue, expressed her gratitude of the possibility of bringing cultural evolution closer to the general public with this number. All in all, ten articles tackle the dynamics of cultural evolution in different religious settings. The authors of the articles are Jutta Jokiranta, Nina Nikki, Petri Luomanen, Armin W. Geertz, István Czachesz, Risto Uro, Elina Lapinoja, Jarkko Vikman, Antti Vanhoja, Pasi Hyytiäinen, Ronit Nikolsky and Tuomas Heikkilä.

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