Nina Nikki: “What’s So Special about Pauline Christianity? – A Cultural Evolutionary Approach,” Puukko Seminar, organized by the Department of Biblical Studies, University of Helsinki. 

Pasi Hyytiäinen: “Textual Evolution in Acts 5:38-39 of D And The Effect of Social-Historical Context,” SBL International Meeting, Seoul. 


Nina Nikki: "Cultural Evolution of ‘Pauline Christianity’ - Some Initial Remarks," Cultural Evolution and Religion, a symposium organized by the project "Ritual and the Emergence of Early Christian Religion" (REECR), University of Helsinki.

Pasi Hyytiäinen: “Current State of New Testament Textual Criticism - How Computer-Assisted Stemmatology Is Changing The Field?,”  Seventh Workshop of Studia Stemmatologica, Villa Lante, Rome.

Elina Lapinoja: “Encountering The Other – Christ-Groups and Graeco-Roman Associations,” SBL International Meeting, Berlin.