Dynamic Meteorology group welcomes new summer students

This summer we welcome five summer students to our group.

This year the summer students work on a wide range of topics, including studying meteorological phenomena occurring in different scales and regions and processing of atmospheric model data. Some of the students are returning to our group while others are joining us for the first time. The summer students and their topics are:

  • Daan van den Broek will study extratropical cyclones in North Atlantic and Europe. The aim is to study the impacts of extratropical cyclones in different regions and climatological time spans.
  • Sara Hyvärinen’s summer work topic is to develop an objective method to identify weather fronts over China and the west Pacific and to study their features. The topic is also linked with air quality in China and how the air quality has improved recently.
  • Mikael Karvinen will focus on post-processing of OpenIFS model data to relate meteorological variables such as surface pressure to small displacements in Earth’s crust. This information will eventually be utilized in geodetic calculations involving satellites.
  • Anni Kröger will focus on processing and analysing the CMIP6 climate model data.
  • Sanna Hamberg will study the duration of storms/strong winds in Finland and whether there is a difference between storm durations in different seasons.