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Heikki Järvinen

Heikki Järvinen is a professor and docent in meteorology. His research focuses on developing ensemble prediction and algorithmic parameter estimation techniques. A complete list of Heikki Järvinen's publications is here

Jouni Räisänen

Dr. Jouni Räisänen is a University lecturer and docent in meteorology. His research focuses on anthropogenic climate change,  interannual climate variability and the combined effects of these two on the evolution of climate that we observe in the real world. His research is mainly based on analysis of global and regional climate model simulations and reanalysis data sets. A complete list of Jouni Räisänen's publications is here

Marja Bister

Ph.D. Marja Bister is a University lecturer and docent in meteorology. Her research focuses on the fundamental aspects of atmospheric deep convection.  She is also interested in the physics of  tropical cyclones, particularly their intensity dependence on  environmental factors whether associated with climate or shorter timescale variations. A complete list of Marja Bister's publications is here.

Victoria Sinclair

Dr Victoria Sinclair (PhD) is an University lecturer and docent in meteorology. Her research primarily focuses on the dynamics of extra-tropical cyclones and how these weather systems will change in the future. Other topics of interest include heat waves, low-level jets, poleward moisture transport and transport of pollution and aerosol particles. In her research she uses numerical weather prediction models - OpenIFS and WRF - as well as reanalysis data sets and FLEXPART, a Lagrangian Dispersion model. A complete list of Victoria Sinclair's publications is here

Clément Bouvier

Clément Bouvier (PhD.) is a postdoctoral researcher. His research focuses on feature selection, data augmentation and active learning algorithms for Machine Learning. He combines these different methods to allow fast and stable processing of huge quantity of data. A partial list of Clément Bouvier's publication is available here. A complete list can be found in his ORCID.

Madeleine Ekblom

Madeleine Ekblom (PhD) is a postdoctoral researcher in meteorology. Her research focuses on parameter estimation in numerical weather prediction models using algorithmic approaches, and she is also interested in ensemble verification metrics. She uses mainly the numerical weather prediction model OpenIFS in her research, but she has also used the idealised model Lorenz’95. A complete list of Madeleine Ekblom's publications is here

Lauri Tuppi

Lauri Tuppi (PhD) is a post-doctoral researcher in meteorology. His research focuses on developing and testing algorithmic tuning methods for closure parameters of numerical weather prediction (NWP) models. In his research he uses OpenIFS NWP model, OpenEPS ensemble prediction workflow manager, as well as the Ensemble Prediction and Parameter Estimation System (EPPES) tuning algorithm. Besides the research work he also participates in an EU project developing a Climate Adaptation Digital Twin of the Earth. A complete list of Lauri Tuppi's publications is here

Ángel Navarro Trastoy

Angel Navarro Trastoy (M.Sc.) is a doctoral candidate in atmospheric sciences. His research focuses on the impact of the neutral gas atmosphere in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals and the development of new approaches to formatting the tropospheric slant delays. A complete list of Ángel Navarro Trastoy's publications is here.


Johannes Mikkola

Johannes Mikkola (MSc) is a doctoral student in meteorology. His research focuses on transport of aerosol from the boundary layer to the free-troposphere in mountainous regions. He studies which factors control the mountain venting using numerical weather prediction and aerosol transport models (WRF, FLEXPART, WRF-CHIMERE). A complete list of Johannes Mikkola's publications is here.

Maksym Vasiuta

Maksym Vasiuta (MSc) is a doctoral student in meteorology. His research focuses on calculating weather model-based Earth Radiation Pressure acting on Earth orbiting satellites. In his research ​he mainly uses OpenIFS NWP model and a dataset of ECMWF initial states, POD (Precise Orbit Determination) solver from the Technical University of Graz (TUG), Austria. A complete list of Maksym Vasiuta's publication is here.

Sanam Motlaghzadeh

Sanam Motlaghzadeh (MSc) is a doctoral student in atmospheric sciences. She works on the orbit determination of gravity satellites and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data. A complete list of Sanam Motlaghzadeh's publications is found here.

Joona Cornér

Joona Cornér (MSc) is a doctoral researcher in meteorology. He works in the Finnish Academy project STORMS which aims to identify and quantify measures related to extratropical cyclone intensity, variability and impacts in Europe. His research focuses on extra-tropical cyclone tracking, intensity and precursors. Joona uses mainly ERA5 reanalysis data in his research and makes use of statistical analysis tools and machine learning methods. A list of Joona Cornér's publications can be found here.

Daniel Köhler

Daniel Köhler (BSc) is a doctoral student in meteorology. Their research focuses midlatitude cyclones and how they are affected by changes to sea surface temperature and sea ice concentration in the Artic and Antarctic. The studies are conducted by using the global weather prediction model OpenIFS.

Juniper Tyree

Juniper Tyree (MSc, MEng) is a doctoral student in atmospheric sciences. Their research is focused on developing and comparing data compression methods for weather and climate simulation data as part of the ESiWACE3 project. Juniper uses their background in computer science, data analysis and machine learning in Python, and scientific Rust to combine HPC with accessible data analysis in Jupyter and datasets from models such as ICON, EC-Earth, and OpenIFS. A partial list of Juniper Tyree's publication is available here. A complete list can be found on their ORCiD.

Previous Group Members

Irina Statnaia (M. Sc.) now works at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in the Polar Meteorology and Climatology group.

Meri Virman (PhD) compeleted her PhD in 2021. Her thesis title is "Understanding the sensitivity of convection to free-tropospheric moisture". Meri now works at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in the Climate Change and Extreme Weather group.

Feyza Nur Özkan (B.Sc.) was a master's student in our group in 2020. Her research focused on identifying how sea surface temperatures affect the amount of moisture transported into the Arctic in the North Atlantic sector. In her research, she used OpenIFS numerical weather prediction model and reanalysis data sets.

Mika Rantanen (PhD) completed his PhD in 2020. His thesis title is "Diagnostic Studies of Extratropical Cyclones in the Present and Warmer Climate". Mika now works at the Finnish Meteorological Institute in the Climate Change and Extreme Weather group.

Minttu Tuononen (PhD) completed her PhD in 2019 while working at the Finnish Meteorological Institute but in close collaboration with the dynamic meteorology group. Her thesis title is "Meteorological conditions affecting renewable energy". She now works for Vaisala.

Olle Räty (PhD) completed his PhD in 2018. His thesis title is "Application of future climate projections in hydrological impact modeling".  Olle is now at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Laura Riuttanen (PhD) completed her PhD in 2017. Her thesis title is "Air pollutants: Regional transport, properties and effect on upper tropospheric humidity". Laura is now working in the education research and development group of INAR. Read more here:

Päivi Haapanala (PhD) completed her PhD thesis in 2017. Her thesis title is "On the solar radiative effects of atmopsheric ice and dust". She is currently working in INAR/UHEL at the ACTRIS (Aerosol, Cloud and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) Coordination office located in Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) in Helsinki.

Sol Kim (B.Sc) was a fulbright funded student in our group in 2015-2016.  He is now a PhD student at the University of California, Berkley working on atmospheric rivers.

Jussi Ylhäisi (PhD) completed his Phd thesis in 2014. His thesis title was  "Limitations of climate model simulations to support climate change adaptation". Jussi has been working in Finnish Meteorological Institute since he graduated.