Dynamic Meteorology group welcomes 4 summer students.

This summer we welcome four summer students to our group.

Some are returning to our group for a second, or even third summer, while others are joining us for the first time. The students will all start in May and will, like the rest of our group, be working remotely from home for the first part of the summer at least. The students will work on a wide range of topics covering meteorological phenoneum that occur on a range of scales - from mesoscales all the way to large-scale climate patterns. The students and their topics are:

  • Mikael Karvinen: Atmospheric radiation pressure acting on satellites
  • Anni Kröger: Processing and analysis of CMIP6 climate model data
  • Johannes Mikkola: Slope and valley winds in complex mountain regions
  • Joona Cornér: Using ERA5 reanalysis to develop teaching material and study severe winds and synoptic-scale storms in Northern Europe.