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Recent publications in the University of Helsinki Research Portal

Supervised master's theses

 Mirka Similä 2001, Perunan bakteeripatogeenien diagnosoiminen DNA-mikrosiruilla. (jointly with Jari Valkonen, Minna Pirhonen, Riitta Nissinen, Panu Somervuo) University of Helsinki.

 Miia Viikari (Pitkäranta) 2002, Homesienilajiston määritys kosteusvaurioisen rakennuksen materiaalinäytteestä molekyylibiologisin menetelmin. University of Helsinki.

 Dario Greco 2006, Computational analysis of gene expression using Affymetrix. Compromising between biological significance and analytical robustness. University of Helsinki.

 Tuomas Raitila 2007, Differential Gene Expression in Human Brain and Testis Tissues. University of Jyväskylä.

 Sanna Laaksonen 2007, DNA-mikrosirujen kehittäminen kompostinäytteiden analysointiin. (jointly with Martin Romantschuk) University of Helsinki.

 Sari Hujanen 2008, Lihasspesifisten ekspressio- ja SNP mikrosirujen toiminnan testaaminen. (jointly with Peter Hackman) University of Helsinki.

 Kui Qian 2009, Gene expression meta-analysis of prefrontal cortex disorder. (jointly with Dario Greco) University of Helsinki.

 Joni Keto 2011, Lihasgeenien isoformiekspression tutkiminen alaraajan lihaksissa mikrosirupohjaisella menetelmällä. (jointly with Peter Hackman and Panu Somervuo) University of Helsinki.

 Velma Aho 2014, Comparison of bioinformatic workflows for the analysis of fungal amplicon sequence data. (jointly with Kaisa Koskinen) University of Helsinki.

 Tuuli Pietilä 2015, Ihmisen papilloomaviruksen mikro-RNA:iden validointi. (jointly with Eeva Auvinen) University of Helsinki.

 Muhammad S. Hasan 2016, Gut Microbiome in Gestational Diabetes: A Cross-sectional Study of Mothers and Children. University of Helsinki.

 Ilhan Cem Duru 2017, Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of Lactobacillus rhamnosusLC705, (jointly with Olli-Pekka Smolander). University of Helsinki.

 Kaisu Henttonen Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Human Gut Microbiota (jointly with Pedro Pereira) 2020, University of Helsinki.

 Alan Avila Pulido Transcriptomic analysis of the response of the lactic acid bacteria Lactococcus piscium for the identification of possible adaptive genes during thermal shock in cold and warm temperatures. (jointly with Anne Ylinen) 2020, University of Helsinki.


 Supervised doctoral theses

 Roosa Laitinen 2006, The Gerbera cDNA microarray: a tool for large-scale identification of genes involved in flower development (jointly with Dr. Paula Elomaa and Dr. Teemu Teeri).

 Jenni Hultman 2009, Microbial diversity in the municipal composting process and development of detection methods. (jointly with Dr. Martin Romantschuk).

 Rashi Gupta 2009, Methods to improve gene signal: Application to cDNA microarrays (jointly with Dr. Elja Arjas).

 Dario Greco 2009, Gene expression: From microarrays to functional genomics.

 Elina Säde (nee Vihavainen) 2011, Leuconostoc spoilage of refrigerated, packaged foods. (jointly with Dr. Johanna Björkroth).

 Anu Planken 2012, Role of GDNF and its cross-talk with other growth factors in the dopaminergic system. (jointly with Dr. Mart Saarma and Dr. Jaan-Olle Andressoo).

 Miia Pitkäranta 2012, Molecular profiling of indoor microbial communities in moisture damaged and non-damaged buildings (jointly with Dr. Helena Rintala and with Dr. Martin Romantschuk).

 Jarmo Ritari 2012, Microbial identification by detection of ligation probes on DNA microarray.

 Kui Qian 2013, Bioinformatic analysis of HPV associated host microRNA functions and identification of viral microRNA (jointly with Dr. Dario Greco).

 Kaisa Koskinen 2013, Characterization of diverse microbial communities and application of novel detection techniques (jointly with Dr. Martin Romantschuk).

 Teija Ojala 2016, Lactobacillus crispatus and Propionibacterium freudenreichii: A genomic and transcriptomic view. (jointly with Dr. Liisa Holm).

 Margarita Andreevskaya 2017, Ecological fitness and interspecies interactions of food-spoilage-associated lactic acid bacteria: Insights from genome analysis and transcriptome profiles. (jointly with Dr. Johanna Björkroth).

 Pedro Alexandre Bento Pereira 2017, The human microbiome in Parkinson’s disease and primary sclerosing cholangitis.

Velma Aho 2019, Differential abundance analysis of human microbiota in Parkinsons’s disease.

Ilhan Cem Duru 2021Transcriptomic analysis of food-related microorganisms: Cheese microbiota, food spoilage lactic acid bacteria, and foodborne pathogens (jointly with Olli-Pekka Smolander).