Green View Index data from Helsinki

Green view describes the relative amount of green vegetation visible at street level and is often measured with the green view index (GVI), which describes the percentage of green vegetation in a street view image or images of a certain location. We calculated the GVI values using Google Street View 360° panorama images. By combining the resulting point data with street view images, we generated a dataset for GVI values along the street centre lines. The point and street-wise data are stored in georeferenced tables that can be utilized for further analyses with geographical information systems.

Toikka, A., Willberg, E., Mäkinen, V., Toivonen, T. & Oksanen, J. (2020) Data in Brief 30. The green view dataset for the capital of Finland, Helsinki

Blogpost: Overview of Akseli Toikka’s MSc thesis: Mapping the green view of Helsinki through Google street view images