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Effectiveness of child psychiatric treatment and the role of systematic feedback use

In this project we examine the effectiveness of different child psychiatric interventions (psychotherapy, cbt-based manualized treatments, and treatment as usual in inpatient and outpatient care). We further examine, whether the use of systematic feedback (feedback-informed treatment) improves intervention effectiveness. We also examine what type of patients are referred to which treatment group and what kind of child-, family- and treatment-related factors moderate treatment effectiveness. We are currently collecting data in Helsinki University Hospital child psychiatric clinics.

Effectiveness of perinatal community-based parenting interventions on parental wellbeing, parenting and child development

This is Marjo Flykt's research project, with main location in University of Tampere, where we have followed up on the effectiveness of different types of perinatal parenting interventions in Finnish primary care settings (therapeutic parent-infant work, psychological counselling in wellbaby clinics and practical help and guidance) and compared changes in parental wellbeing, parenting and child development between intervention groups and a normative control group from the same cohort. We are also interested in treatment moderators. The study was funded by City of Helsinki and Otto A.Malm Foundation.

Moments of Meeting in Adolescent Residential Care – Evidence-Based Guidelines for Trauma-Informed Counselling

In his thesis project, Veli-Matti Karhu develops and investigates trauma-informed approach to staff working in adolescent residential care. The study is funded by Lastentautien Tutkimussäätiö (Pediatric Research Foundation) and Gyllenberg Foundation.

New projects

This year, we are also planning to start piloting two new research projects:

  1. Movement Through Parenthood: Prenatal dance intervention based on increasing parental emotional availability towards the baby already prenatally, in collaboration with Colorado State University (professors Zeynep Biringen and Madeline Jazz Harvey). Dominika Borucka is currently planning for the project as part of her doctoral thesis, funded by Gyllenberg foundation.
  2. Effectiveness of couple support and its underlying mechanisms: A randomized controlled study. We are currently preparing a project to investigate the effectiveness of short couple therapy and self-help interventions in collaboration with City of Helsinki couple therapy unit. The principal researchers are Marjo Flykt and PhD Petra Nyman-Salonen.