Researchers of Markku Heikinheimo's group and their publications.
Markku Heikinheimo, PI

Group leader,
Markku Heikinheimo, M.D., Ph.D
Professor of Pediatrics,
Chairman, Children's Hospital, University of Helsinki
Visiting professor of pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology, Dept. of Pediatrics, Washington University Medical School, St. Louis, MO, USA.

Heikinheimo TUHAT profile

Leila Unkila-Kallio

Leila (M.D., Ph.D, Docent) is the clinical collaborator of the group and a specialist in gynecologic endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology in the Helsinki University Central Hospital. She started collecting the initial patient series for GATA studies on granulosa cell tumors. Now her research focuses on infertility and growth factors.

Unkila-Kallio TUHAT profile

Noora Andersson

Noora (Ph.D) is a post-doctoral fellow in Markku Heikinheimo's group who's main interest is in adult type granulosa cell tumor pathogenesis. Her current research focuses on identifying markers that predict granulosa cell tumor recurrence.

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Antti Kyrönlahti

Antti (M.D., Ph.D) is doing his pediatric residency at HUCH Children´s Hospital. His thesis focused on the role of GATA4 and apoptotic TRAIL pathway in granulosa cell function and tumors. As a post doc, he is studying the role of GATA factors in testicular development and disease.

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Marjut Pihlajoki

Marjut (Ph.D) defended her Ph.D thesis in Dec 2014. She now continues her research as a post-doctoral fellow focusing on two pediatric liver diseases: biliary atresia and hepatoblastoma.

Pihlajoki TUHAT profile

Saara Bryk

Saara (M.D., Ph.D) is specializing in obstetrics and gynecology and her research is focused on the clinical aspects of GCT, especially on survival and recurrence analysis. In addition, she is working on cancer registry data involving granulosa cell tumours.

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Tea Soini

Tea (M.D., Ph.D) did her Ph.D studies about GATA factors in pediatric liver diseases (hepatoblastoma and biliary atresia) and is now specialising in pediatrics.

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Ulla-Maija Haltia

Ulla-Maija (M.D.) is specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and is doing her Ph.D on granulosa cell tumors. Her studies focus on finding new biomarkers and treatments for AGCT.

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Katja Eloranta

Katja (M.Sc, Graduate student) is focusing her PhD studies on the molecular pathogenesis and biomarkers in pediatric liver cancers.

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Emmi Liljeström

Emmi (B.Sc.) did her bachelor's thesis in 2018. Her research is focusing on the role of GATA6 in biliary atresia pathobiology.

Iiris Nyholm

Iiris is an undergraduate M.D.- Ph.D student. Her Ph.D focuses on the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of biliary atresia.

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