Learn about our people studying the role of Desulfovibrio bacteria in Parkinson´s disease. In addition we have traditions in food microbiology research, especially in probiotics, fermented food and antibacterial proteins like bacteriocins.
Per Saris, Group Leader

My research focused first on antibacterial peptides, food microbiology, probiotics, and intestinal microbiology, which led me to studying the role of Desulfovibrio bacteria and Parkinson´s disease in collaboration with neurologist MD Kari Murros. Now these previous experiences can be used to develop strategies to eradicate Desulfovibrio bacteria from Parkinson´s patients (PD). Presently, we want to know what makes the Desulfovibrio strains of PD patients different from Desulfovibrio strains of healthy. From where do the Desulfovibrio strains of the PD patients originate, from themselves (appendics, mouth), from other PD patients via feces, from the environment (water pipes?) or from animals? How can the Desulfovibrio strains of the PD patients be eradicated and has eradication an effect on the disease progression?

Researchers studying Desulfovibrio bacteria and Parkinson´s disease
Timo Takala, University Researcher
Khosrow Mohammadi, Postdoctoral Researcher
Anh Vy Huynh, Doctoral Researcher

Vy obtained her MSc degree in Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki. She is currently a doctoral researcher studying the potential role of Desulfovibrio bacteria in the development of Parkinson's disease.

Anna Kolsi, Doctoral Researcher

Anna Kolsi (MSc) is currently working on her dissertation, which focuses on investigating the connection between Desulfovibrio bacteria and Parkinson's disease by studying the genomic features of the bacteria. Additionally, she has contributed to teaching in the microbiology and microbial biotechnology master's program as a teaching assistant by participating in teaching and evaluation tasks.

Chi Fang, Doctoral Researcher
Sima Talebzadeh, Doctoral Researcher
Reserachers involved in food microbiology projects (probiotics, fermented food and antibacterial proteins)
Amin Yousefvand, University Researcher

I am a research scientist based at the University of Helsinki, specializing in food microbiology and technology, with a notable focus on the development of functional food products. My primary research interests revolve around fermentation optimization and the complex processes involved in enhancing food products with probiotic bacteria, prebiotics, postbiotics, and vitamin group bioproduction.

Minh Thao Ho, Postdoctoral Researcher
Farzana Nishat, Visiting Researcher
Samira Mokhtari, Doctoral Researcher

Generally, I am interested in bacteriocins and phage lysins. The title of my PhD thesis is 'Characterization of a novel lytic bacteriocin from Lactococcus lactis. 


Aigerim Tuganbay, Doctoral Researcher
Shiva Yassami, Doctoral Researcher
Nina Zhang, Doctoral Researcher