Donate to Parkinson's Research

The work of our research group is highly dependent on external research funding. By supporting our research group with your donation, you can help us to understand if and how Desulfovibrio bacteria contribute to development and progression of Parkinson´s disease. Our dream for the future is to slow down the progression of Parkinson's disease, or in the best case, even prevent the development of the disease completely.
Use of donations

We need funding for studying if eradication of Desulfovibrio bacteria from Parkinson´s patients can influence the disease progression and reduce symptoms. Donations are also used for studies solving the question from were did the Desulfovibrio strains of the Parkinson´s patients originate from (other humans, anaimals or the environment)? Genome sequencing of the Desulfovibrio bacterial genomes requires funding and results can be used to develope a vaccine for preventions of Parkinson´s disease.

How to donate

Please, see the deed of donation link below.

When donating add to the Purpose of donation: To the work of Professor Per Saris research group