Crosslocations began on 1st September 2016, and we spent the last three months putting the project together and appointing our staff.

The core primary research is being done by anthropologists. Professor Sarah Green is the leader of the project. We have three postdoctoral researchers: Joseph Viscomi, a specialist on history of Mediterranean, Egypt and Italy in particular; Carl Rommel, a specialist on Egypt; Phaedra Douzina-Bakalaki, a specialist in Greece and Turkey. Geographer Marion Lecoquierre is a specialist in Palestine and Israel. Samuli Lähteenaho is a PhD student who specializes in the Levant, and Lebanon in particular. Viljami Kankaanpää-Kukkonen is a PhD student specializing in Spain.

We also have a photographer, Lena Malm, who is documenting visual elements of the project. Cartographer Philippe Rekacewicz will assist with finding innovative ways to map the locating regimes. Also involved are a series of experts from a variety of disciplines who will provide knowledge on topics from trade across the Mediterranean in the Classical period to the structure of the submarine telecommunications cables in the seabed, to how the legal regimes of the region work. And last but not least, there is our project coordinator, Ninnu Koskenalho, who will keep the whole project running smoothly.

Below you can read about everyone involved with Crosslocations. Researchers introduces our main staff. External Experts and Sineoistic Circle introduce the people who give us valuable insights into their fields of expertise.