Crosslocations Photography and Mapping Exhibition: Sea Between - October 2021

This exhibition is the outcome of several years of teamwork, researching the crisscrossing of relations and separations between different parts of the Mediterranean. Photographer Lena Malm and Geographer/Cartographer Philippe Rekacewicz have worked in collaboration with the Crosslocations Anthropology research team to bring a diversity of perspectives on different locations and places in the Mediterranean to the Stoa Culture Centre (Itäkeskus) in October.

The exhibition is open from October 1 to October 31, with an opening at 4 pm on Friday, October 1. All welcome.

Over the last five years, several anthropologists have worked with photographer Lena Malm and cartographer Philippe Rekacewicz in a project called Crosslocations. They travelled with Crosslocations researchers on their fieldwork around the Mediterranean area, at times simply accompanying the researchers, at other times working closely with them, to try and capture something of the cacophony of life in these places. In particular, the team was trying to understand the relations and separations between places, the borders as well as the open gates and the paths bewteen here and somewhere else. It was a study about the way people can co-exist in the same spaces and yet be living in completely different worlds at the same time. The exhibition presents some of the photographic and cartographic results  of this collaboration.

Lena Malm has worked as the photographer on the Crosslocations team, often shadowing the researchers in sites such as Istanbul, Melilla, Cairo, Tunis, the West Bank and Marseilles. Her photography captures a different kind of understanding of the crisscrossing of paths as people go about their lives; they capture a sense of place as it is being lived.

Philippe Rekacewicz has worked as the Crosslocations cartographer, examining questions of what what is going on there on different scales, and seen from different perspectives in the different field sites, which included Melilla, Istanbul, Cairo, Beirut and Jerusalem. With his maps Rekacewcz creates innovative visualizations of the multifaceted relations of people and their actions. This has also required creating a new kind of cartographic approach. The maps seen in the exhibition are a first peek into challenges of representation such as the simultaneous presenting of several interconnected simultanously happening events. For the viewer, the maps open windows into the realities of different systems and shed light on the research narratives they accompany.

Välillä meri - Sea Between

  • Culture center Stoa's gallery
  • Oct 1 to Oct 31, 2021
  • Opening hours:
  • Mon-Thu 8-20
  • Fri 8-18
  • Sat 10-16
  • Sun 12-18
  • Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus, Helsinki