An essential collaboration project at the moment is" target="_blank">Transformer 2030 – opettajat kestävän kehityksen muutosagentteina (2018-2019). It is an updating education project managed by Finnish development NGOs Fingo. Its aim is to promote the comprehensive understanding and implementation of Agenda2030 Sustainable Development Goals in education from early childhood education to elementary schools, high schools and up to folk high schools and vocational education. It is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education. GHH frame has a central role in pursuing the objectives of the project. Leena Helenius and Charlotta Holmström represent Kudelma in the project.

Interdisciplinary environmental research network FIDEA (Frameworks for Interdisciplinary Environmental Analysis) can be seen as Kudelma’s predecessor. It is also a group founded among the students of environmental sciences in the University of Helsinki so the background of FIDEA’s members is the same as Kudelma’s, but from a decade or two earlier. We thank FIDEA for the empowering example, many forms of guidance and other support. Risto Willamo, Liisa Haapanen and Leena Helenius from Kudelma are also members of Fidea.

In addition we work together with One Health Finland. Our aim i.a. is to promote bringing comprehensive thinking to science communication and the use of the GHH framework in research education.

Finterdis - Finnish Interdisciplinary Society was founded in autumn 2018. Finterdis shares many of its founding members with Kudelma. We have a lot of similarities in our objectives, especially the idea of bringing together young, interdisciplinarily oriented people. Kudelma is happy to collaborate with Finterdis in many ways.

University of Helsinki Teacher’s Academy has a working group led by Risto Willamo. It develops and improves the evaluation criteria of interdisciplinary thesis. The evaluation of interdisciplinary theses is still very challenging amongst the more specialised theses and therefore we in Kudelma see this work crucial in the academic society.