Our research encompasses studies from molecular mechanisms all the way to clinical work, which is reflected in the multidisciplinary group of people at the Complement Group.

Special focuses are on diseases related to disturbances in complement regulation (HAE, aHUS, DDD, C3GN, PNH), autoimmunity, complement escape by pathogenic microbes, parasites and malignant tumor cells. Furthermore, we are interested in molecular interactions of complement components with acute phase reactants (CRP, pentraxins) in atherosclerosis and other vascular disorders.

Pri­or­ity areas

  • Cancer immunoevasion
  • Tolerance and immunity
  • Malaria
  • Complement pathologies and inflammation
  • Pathogens

Research themes

Acquired or inherited complement regulator deficiencies

  • Renal diseases and autoantibody screening
  • Atypical HUS cohort study and Eculizumab
  • PNH cohort study
  • NGS screening for complement mutations

Reproductive biology

  • Genetics of preeclampsia
  • Parturition and preeclampsia clinical cohorts
  • Variant characterization

Cancer complement evasion

  • Ovarian Cancer project

Pathogen complement evasion & killing

  • Malaria
  • Borrelia complement evasion project
  • Opportunistic bacteria complement evasion project