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Lea Kutvonen, Group leader, Docent, University lecturer

Lea Kutvonen received her PhD on computer science in 1998 at University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science. In 2000's she spent about 8 years as the leading professor of Distributed systems and data communication at the department, and about 12 years in the department board. She has founded the Collaborative and Interoperable Computing  (CINCO) research group around her research interests in open service ecosystems, i.e., mature environments and methods for interenterprise collaboration for networked business. This involves alignment of infrastructure services for collaboration management, service-oriented software engineering, and governance at enterprise and ecosystem levels.

Lea Kutvonen has been active in scientific societies and standardisation. She is a member in IFIP WG6.1 and vice chair and chair in IFIP WG5.8. She has been active in various ODP RM (open distributed processing) standards groups, and supported standards on service-oriented and cloud computing in ISO. She has been a board member, vice chair and chair of the Finnish association of Computer Science. As a member of EU INTEROP NoE and VLAb she has been initiating member of a number of workshop series, and have hosted a number of international conferences.

Lea Kutvonen is also involved in science education activities, especially in evolving computer science - or as its taking form in Finnish schools - programming and algorithmic thinking, embedded in other school subject areas.

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