Mikko Niemi, Professor in Pharmacogenetics, leads research exploring the effects of human genetics on the transport and metabolism of drugs. The main focus of the group has recently been on identifying novel genetic determinants of drug response employing targeted massively parallel sequencing methods.

IndiviStat is an ERC Consolidator grant project aiming to individualize statin therapy by using a systems pharmacology decision support algorithm. The project started in August 2017.


TERVA OvCa Chemoresponse is a Tieteellä terveyteen (TERVA) funded research consortium for personalised treatment of ovarian cancer. See its twitter account.

Transporter PGx

TransporterPGx is an ERC Starting grant project aiming to systematically search for genetic variants of SLCO1A2, SLCO1B3 and SLCO2B1, which have functional significance in vivo in humans. The project had its start in 2012.

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Mikko Niemi, MD, PhD, professor

Mikko Niemi, MD, PhD, Professor in Pharmacogenetics, is the principal investigator of a research group focusing on the pharmacogenetics of drugs. He is also the director of the Individualized Drug Therapy Research Program (INDIVIDRUG).

Members of Group Niemi

Current research members of Group Niemi include:

  • Mikko Niemi
  • Feng Deng
  • Anne Filppula
  • Päivi Hirvensalo
  • Kreetta Hämäläinen
  • Jenni Keskitalo
  • Johanna Kiiski
  • Mika Kurkela
  • Minna Lehtisalo
  • Kaisa Litonius
  • Ivar Lönnberg
  • Anssi Mykkänen
  • Mikko Neuvonen
  • Suvi-Kukka Tuomi

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Pharmacogenetics (video)

Prof. Niemi talks about pharmacogenetics (in Finnish).