Clinical Pharmacology

Janne Backman, leads research on pharmacokinetics, drug-drug interactions and the molecular mechanisms causing them. Recent research has focused on drug-drug interactions caused by irreversible inhibition of the drug-metabolising cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme, the role of CYP2C8 in drug metabolism, and drug drug interactions of anticancer agents.
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Janne Backman, MD, PhD, professor

Janne Backman, MD, PhD, Professor in Clinical Pharmacology and Individual Medicine, is the head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and the principal investigator of a research group focusing on pharmacokinetics and drug-drug interactions.

Members of Group Backman

Current research members of Group Backman include:

  • Janne Backman
  • Aleksi Tornio
  • Laura Aurinsalo
  • Matti Itkonen
  • Taavi Kaartinen
  • Helinä Kahma
  • Aleksi Olkkola

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Drug-drug interactions (video)

Prof. Backman talks about re­cog­nising and min­im­ising the risk of drug-drug in­ter­ac­tions.