Symposium: Multisensory perception and learning

The CICERO Learning Network organizes a symposium on multisensory perception and utilizing different sensory modalities in learning. The event takes place on the University of Helsinki Minerva Plaza (Siltavuorenpenger 5A) on Friday March 2nd, 2018

The symposium Multisensory perception and learning aims to address how different sensory modalities function together, and how these interactions enhance memory and learning. The scope encompasses a wide range of topics, ranging from basic research on perception and learning to applications of this knowledge, for example in rehabilitation of clinical groups or education in general.

Abstracts of accepted submissions for oral and poster presentations are linked below. Maximum poster size is 89cm wide and 119cm tall.

The symposium is open to scholars and students free of charge. Registrations should be made by February 28 using the e-form here. Registration is necessary even if you've been accepted to give a presentation at the symposium.


Minerva Plaza, Siltavuorenpenger 5A
University of Helsinki, Finland

9.00 Registration
9.30 Dr. Mari Tervaniemi, Research Director: Welcome
9.40 Russ Palmer and  Dr. Riitta Lahtinen: Social-haptic communication - portraying emotions and description through touch
10.40 Dr. Kaisa Tiippana: Audiovisual semantic memory across the life span
11.10 Break (refreshments)
11.30 Keynote: Dr. Katie Overy via video connection: Multisensory musical learning, from the brain to the classroom
12.30 Lunch
13.00 Oral presentations
           13:00 Pirta Hotulainen: Cell biological perspective on altered sensory sensitivity and learning in ASD
           13:15 Minna Törmänen, Studer, B., Hogrefe, A.,Margelisch, K. & Perrig, W.: Cognitive interventions in elementary school settings
13:30 Markku O. Pöyhönen: Musician: from multisensory to multiple intelligences
13:45 Satu Saalasti & Mikko Sams: Neural mechanisms underlying lipreading of a narrative
14.00 Poster presentations based on submitted abstracts
15.00 End of the day



For any queries, please contact one of the co-chairs: Research Director Mari Tervaniemi (mari.tervaniemi(at) or Dr. Kaisa Tiippana (kaisa.tiippana(at)