Sino-Finnish JoLII Conference - Global Challenges in Education on August 28, 2017

Welcome to the Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLII) Conference – Global Challenges in Education, in Helsinki, Finland on August 28, 2017!

Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLII) was established by the University of Helsinki and Beijing Normal University as an elementary part of the Learning Garden co-operation scheme between Finland and China. The institute is a network of nine Finnish universities and several Chinese universities who want to work in cooperation for future schools and high quality education.

The important mission of JoLII is to get Chinese and Finnish stakeholders to work together for high quality learning and education to all people.This summer JoLII welcomes all researchers, teachers and companies to participate the conference in Helsinki. The conference will focus on global challenges of education and how China and Finland can work together for finding solutions for burning issues in education in both countries and also globally. Come and share your work and interest for the future education!

There will be both keynote speaches and parallel research collaborative sessions. The main themes in the afternoon (Parallel Collaboration Research Sessions):

* Finnish education and reforms

* Chinese education and reforms

* ICT in future schools and teacher education

* Teacher education in transformations for the future

* Learning analytics for future learning

* Future Learning and teaching

* Education eco-system

* Teacher’s education and training

* Children’s well-being

* China and Finland learning from each other in education and reforms

Please fill in the registration and abstract submission form here.

Abstracts – Submission (paper presentations)

The paper presentations are 15 minutes per presentation.

The best papers will be invited and selected as potential articles for the international journals (quest editorials of the JoLII University networks) and chapters in the international books (editors in the JoLII University networks). The deadline for full papers is September 30. The possible journals and books will be informed after having abstracts. The deadline for abstract submission is June 30, 2017.
Open Forum – New initiatives for joint research and development projects

This option offers an opportunity to propose new or ongoing initiatives for joint co-operative projects of Chinese and Finnish researchers and companies. Companies can also be visible through posters that are open to audience since lunch time. The aim is to find new joint ideas for the future. The proposal presentations are 15 minutes per  presentation. The deadline for a new initiative submission is June 30, 2017.


Please visit the conference site here or contact:

Jenny Niu, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki

Mobile: +358503179590, E-mail:

Hannele Niemi, PhD, Professor, University of Helsinki, Director of the JoLII in Finland

Mobile +358405558975,


Please visit the Finnish JoLII and Chinese JoLII webpages