Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Institution (JoLii)

University of Helsinki and Beijing Normal University have signed in November 2020 an extension of Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Institution (JoLii) cooperation for the next 10 years. The aim of the project is to co-create inclusive, student-oriented learning solutions for better fostering 21st century skills among students in China and Finland.

The Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii) was established in year 2015. It is based on the cooperation between Ministry of Education of China and The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The project is coordinated nationally by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and the University of Helsinki (UH), with  nine Chinese and ten Finnish universities and several education companies as partners in the cooperation.

The Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (Jolii) has 6 centers:

  • Learning research innovation center
  • Learning garden experience center
  • ICT center
  • Double degree center
  • Teacher training center
  • Education research center

In recent years, technology-based learning environments, intelligent digital tools and AI in learning have been important joint research in JoLii. Our annual global conference has adressed themes such as Equity and Quality of Learning in a Global Digital World and Future learning and innovative talents. In the JoLii annual conference 2020, the theme was “AI in Learning”. Many researchers from more than 15 universities and companies presented their research work and applications on AI in learning. The topics included:

computational thinking for education on AI, equity and ethics regarding AI in education and learning, how AI in learning influence teacher education strategy, virtual science education, using technology to create music, classroom teaching using AI tools, game-based learning, etc. You can find more information from the conference website.

You can find more information and updates about JoLii from the Beijing Normal University website or the Helsinki University website.