MMN2018 Conference - From Basic Science to Clinical Applications

The 8th Mismatch Negativity conference “MMN from basic science to clinical applications” - celebrating 40th anniversary of the discovery of the MMN and 20th anniversary of the MMN conferences - will be held at Biomedicum, University of Helsinki, Finland, in June 12-15, 2018.

For us to function effectively, our brain must automatically detect relevant and minute changes in the environment. The neural underpinnings of this ability are reflected by the Mismatch Negativity (MMN), representing the brain’s automatic change-detection process, activated whenever an event does not match the brain’s prediction of environmental regularities.  Since its discovery by Prof. Risto Näätänen, the MMN has been utilized in thousands of basic, applied, and clinical studies aimed to unravel how the human brain detects regularities. Over the years, MMN studies have shed light on how these mechanisms develop, how they are relevant in everyday situations such as language learning and music listening, and how they are impaired in various disorders.

The MMN 2018 conference is the platform for the recent and highly influential findings in both basic and applied research related to the MMN. The conference topics relate to cognitive and clinical neuroscience, including perception, memory, development, plasticity, language, and music. Keynote lectures will be given by Professor Stanislas Dehaene (INSERM-CEA-University Paris Saclay) and Professor Laurel Trainor (McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind, McMaster University).

Important dates regarding the MMN2018-conference are as follows:
Abstract submission opens: 16th of October, 2017
Abstract submission closes: 31st of December, 2017
Information whether abstracts have been accepted will be sent during January 2018.
Early bird registrations from 16th of October 2017 to end of February 2018. Late registration is possible until end of May, 2018.

Please visit the conference web page for further information: