EdVisto Certified for Quality Education by Kokoa Agency

EdVisto received a quality certification by Kokoa Agency as a recognition of a product that enhances learning. Kokoa Agency evaluates pedagogical products and services according to their criteria, and it gives a certification to companies that fulfil the demands. As a sign of a high quality product, EdVisto received a Kokoa Education Standard stamp.

The Kokoa Education Standard evaluation consists of pedagogical and learning engagement parts. The evaluation criteria is based on 21st century skills and the Finnish understanding of efficient learning. EdVisto got the best A level scores from all the pedagogical categories. In the learning engagement part EdVisto was appreciated for its self-efficacy supporting characteristics.

EdVisto was especially praised for its built-in pedagogy: the entire learning is based on learning by doing and the user’s own activities. EdVisto is suitable for many age groups as the user is able to create either a simple video story or a technically more advanced video. In addition EdVisto was commended to its possibility to work in groups inside the platform, which helps developing collaboration and interaction skills.

Below you can read more (in Finnish) what the entrepreneur and co-founder of the Kokoa Agency, Olli Vallo, thinks about how to recognize a high quality EdTech product. Olli was presenting his ideas at the Arctic15 startup event, and he mentioned EdVisto as an example of the three great companies he believes in, and besides EdVisto the other companies are called Mightifier and Seppo: https://www.yrittajat.fi/uutiset/558032-mista-tunnistaa-varteenotettavan-edtech-ratkaisun-no-saisiko-se-hyvaksynnan