AI in Learning research project

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. It impacts societies, organizations, work, and education, and it is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. It offers enormous opportunities to expand educational settings for learning in and beyond the traditional classroom.

The AI in Learning research project (2020-2021) is initiated and led by the University of Helsinki in the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The  project is a multi-professional ecosystem of companies and researchers opening new scenarios in AI-based learning.

This research project has the following sub-projects:

  • AI tutor: for application of AI technology in professional training situated in virtual reality (VR)
  • Well-being and life-long learning: for establishing an AI-backed digital solution to improve student well-being for better learning performance
  • Games and simulation (a joint research with University of Lapland): for developing pedagogical models for artificial intelligence supported gaming and simulation-based learning
  • Ethical questions in AI-based learning and learning environments

More than 20 researchers are working in the project, which also involves co-operation with four companies: School Day Helsinki Oy, Neste Engineering Solutions Oy, Upknowledge Oy and Headai Oy. The project is funded by Business Finland, led and coordinated by the University of Helsinki, with University of Lapland as a consortium partner. AI in Learning also collaborates with several foreign universities and companies at an international level. The project is working for multidisciplinary research outputs with various applications and is creating new openings in this research area.

You can find more information and updates on the project's website or Twitter account @AIinLearning