Translational cardiovascular, molecular and regenerative medicine

Research at CardioReg focuses on both preclinical and clinical aspects of tissue regeneration. Special emphasis is on cardiac regeneration and wound healing. We utilize preclinical research methodologies for drug target discovery and elucidation of specific disease-associated pathological processes. We are located at the Meilahti Hospital campus and work in close collaboration with cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, plastic surgeons, burn surgeons, anaesthesiologists and radiologists. Our research aims at guiding inherent regenerative responses with pharmacotherapy as well as stem and progenitor cells. We also evaluate the possibilities of various gene therapy-modalities in these settings.

For students in Medicine and Translational Medicine we offer projects for Advanced Studies (syventävät opinnot), Master's Thesis (MSc), and Doctoral Thesis (PhD) in medicine, pharmacology, pharmacy and molecular biology . The topics include molecular pharmacology, drug discovery, cell therapy, new cardiovascular drug targets, tissue regeneration and clinical regenerative medicine.

Contacts: Esko Kankuri (, Eero Mervaala (

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