Finnish small animal gastroenterology first generation

Group leader Prof. Elias Westermarck (1990–2004)
Researcher profile

PhDs and topics (year of finalization)

Susanne Kilpinen, FIN: Clinical trials on tylosin´s treatment efficacy, dosage regimen, andeffects on fecal enterococci (Defense on 2.9.2016)

Rafael Frias, ESP: Preclinical evaluation of common markers and iohexol for the development of intestinal permeability tests in dogs. — Studies on laboratory Beagle dogs and Sprague-Dawley rats. (2013)

Minna Rinkinen, FIN: Methods for assessing the adhesion of probiotic and canine gut-derived lactic acid producing bacteria to the canine intestinal mucosa in vitro and measuring mucosal secretory IgA (2004)

Mairi Speeti, FIN: Comparison of subclinical and clinical stages and evaluation of etiopathogenesis of the disease (2004)

Jaana Harmoinen, FIN: A novel enzymatic therapy, targeted recombinant beta-lactamase, in the prevention of antibiotic-induced adverse effects on gut microbiota (2004)

Maria Wiberg, FIN: Pancreatic acinar atrophy in German shepherd dogs and rough-coated Collies (2002)

Irmeli Happonen, FIN: Canine and Feline Gastric Helicobacters: Diagnosis and Significance in Chronic Gastritis (1999)



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