Visiting scholar in complex systems approach to study social behaviour

BCW group is excited to host associate professor Fred Hasselman from Radboud University in January for a guest lecture, as well as a doctoral course! Please find information below.


Topic: Complexity Science – It's About Time (broad outline in pdf enclosed)
Time: Monday 27 January, 16:30
Place: Festive Hall, Language Centre (Kielikeskuksen Juhlasali); Fabianinkatu 26

The lecture is open to all. Welcome!


SOST-942, A Complex Systems Approach to Study Social Behaviour: An introduction to the analytical toolbox of Complexity Science

Time & Venues:

8.01.-20 Tue 09.15-15.45, Athena, lecture hall 360
29.01-.20 Wed 09.15-15.45, Aurora, lecture hall 224
30.01.-20 Thu 15-11.45, Athena, lecture hall 168


To prepare for Fred's visit, some researchers will be meeting on Friday 17.1. at 11.30 to discuss theory, modeling and analyses of complex dynamical systems in social psychology. You're welcome to join if interested!

Reading: Richardson, M., Dale, R., & Marsh, K. (2014). Complex dynamical systems in social and personality psychology: Theory, modeling and analysis. In Handbook of Research Methods in Social and Personality Psychology (pp. 251–280).