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Argumenta:  Behavior Change Science & Policy (BeSP)

2019-2020, Finnish Cultural Foundation
The project aims to evoke scientific and interdisciplinary discussion on questions related to influencing behaviour

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Computerized Implicit Process Interventions in Eating Behavior

2018-2020, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation
Design and evaluation of computer-based interventions on implicit psychological processes to improve dietary behavior, Matthias Aulbach’s PhD project.

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Self-de­term­ined mo­tiv­a­tion for work and health

2016-2020, Academy of Finland
Investigating fluctuations in motivation and identifying effective strategies that individuals themselves can use to self-manage their motivation.

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Understanding the process of behaviour change: Evaluating psychosocial mechanisms of change in interventions to promote wellbeing

2015-2020, Academy of Finland
Purpose is to increase understanding psychosocial processes of behaviour change in mental health promotion, physical activity, and healthy diet. One of the projects involved is the Healthy Learning Mind.

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Public Understanding of Genomics (PubUndGen)

2014-2018, Academy of Finland
The project examines 1) public’s knowledge of and attitudes towards genome sequencing, 2) reactions to genetic secondary findings, and 3) how family history shapes personal disease risk perceptions using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Past projects

Enhancing physical activity promotion in upper secondary schools

2016-2018, Academy of Finland
Nationwide dissemination and implementation of evidence-based intervention strategies, including its evaluation.

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Let's Move It

2012-2017, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Scientific design and evaluation of a theory- and evidence-based intervention to increase physical activity and sedentary behaviour in youth.

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2014-2017, European Union FP7
PREventive Care Infrastructure based On Ubiquitous Sensing (PRECIOUS) project is EU funded project that aims to improve motivation using a combination of motivational interview and gamification principles, as well as creating a personalised system that adapts to the users’ goals and preferences. The system will collect information about the user from a different devices and applications (sensors) to measure physical activity, food intake, and physiological stress levels. PRECIOUS include several subapps that use principles of motivational interview and self-regulation techniques.

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Other past projects

  • Keegan Knittle: RUBICON 2014-17
  • Ari Haukkala: DILGOM 2007-14
  • Ari Haukkala: EU COST Network CHIP-ME 2014-17