Programme in our external seminar for autumn 2019

Our group hosts a seminar for a wide network of researchers interested in topics related to behaviour change, health and wellbeing.

This allows for an exchange of ideas on topics, and we welcome external speakers to share their work with us. Meetings are informal, and we welcome presentations of completed work, work in progress, and work being planned, as well as of conceptual and methodological issues related to behavior change, health and well-being.

We are pleased to announce the speakers and dates for our upcoming meetings. Looking forward to a great bunch of talks & discussions!

Thursday 24.10; 16-17; Unioninkatu 37, room 2041

Marko Tainio, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, “Transport, environment and health: What impacts do travel modes have for environment and health?”

Matti Heino, UH Social Psychology, “Harnessing convexity: Successful behaviour change and policy in a world we do not understand”

Thursday 21.11; 16-17; Unioninkatu 37, room 2041

Nanne Isokuortti, UH Social Work, ”Similarities and differences between realistic evaluation and UKMRC guidance on process evaluation”

Touko Kuusi, UH Philosophy, “Does prosocial behavior increase well-being in controlled experiments? A systematic review and a meta-analysis”

Tuesday 17.12.; 15.30-17; Unioninkatu 37, room 2041

Antti Oulasvirta, Aalto University User Interfaces Research Group, “Closing the gap between theories and reality: Modern Bayesian approaches to parameter inference and model selection”

Nelli Hankonen, UH Social Psychology, “Complex systems approach in intervention development: Different alternative avenues and future challenges”


If you wish to present at a future Beachweb meeting, please email keegan.knittle(at), the Behaviour Change, Health and Well-being (Beachweb) seminar coordinator